About Paulie’s

Paulie’s was founded on mom-n-pop principles. Bernard and Kathy Petronella opened the restaurant in 1998 after saving for years through catering work. They named the restaurant after their son, Paul, who was 20 years old at the time. Paul worked off and on at the restaurant while completing college.

Paul took over the family business in 2007. After selling the second location at Holcombe & Kirby, Paul dedicated himself to make the original location at Westheimer the best he possibly could. He is a very hands-on owner, serving as Chef, General Manager, and Operator.

Paulie’s Counter Culture — Meet the Baristas

Click on each barista to learn more about the talented bunch behind our counter.

Photo of Audrey Bailey Photo of Sara Bass Photo of Jenna Cash Photo of Rob Garber Photo of Eric Harris Photo of Haley John Photo of Gin Kim Photo of Sara Kim Photo of Vasili Kritikos Photo of Stacy McCool Photo of Rebecca Qian Photo of Matthew Zaldivar

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